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ODDVARK is the unlikely hero of this Oddvarkian version of the classic hero's journey; A book for all ages - young people who are beginning to find their way, older folks who want to help, and anyone regardless of age curious about that persistent tickle in their own heart. >>READ MORE >>


PORKELIA, against all odds, finds a way to follow her dreams of becoming the first Pig Rockette. Porkelia is a book about following dreams and ultimately giving back to the world,  or in this case  - The Sty. >>READ MORE >>


DR. PETRIE DISH, a Scientist and Lab Coat Designer, a free-spirited, generous scientist lives on a small island off the mainland and the town of Korecto. Unbeknownst to him, his very existence creates turmoil on the mainland. The story explores how we can scapegoat those who are different from ourselves. >>READ MORE >>


Book Reviews

"....Porkelia is a plucky piggie with her eyes on the prize, who will inspire people - not to mention pigs - with stars in their own eyes...." - Kirkus review - December 2010

This was a present for the granddaughter's birthday. Lindy is a great artist and storyteller. - Jon Stuart

Very creative, well-written, and illustrated book. Reminds us how special and unique we all are, no matter our differences. - Mainlander

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